We Are Proud of Our Products

We are the biggest source in the Philippines of bargain U.S., Canadian, and British publications, and also of the remainder Harlequin (Mill & Boon) romance series printed in Australia. We also distribute current issues of US magazines.
Current issues of the Philippine editions of U.S. magazines like Cosmopolitan, Town and Country, etc., and locally-published movie, lifestyle, and celebrity magazines like YES!, Real Living, and The Buzz are among the much in-demand items in our stores. We carry the back issues of these publications as well.
Our trade books (softcover), embracing a wide range of subjects, are yet to be challenged by the industry, Coffee table book offerings are a constant source of joy to coffeetable book lovers and collectors.
Our childrens’s books remain unequalled in assortment and price. Our Tokyo Pop, Anime and Japanese style comic books are priced so low, competition wouldn’t dare match our price levels. These comic books are oftentimes sold out. BOOKSALE is also the regular source to replenish and update the ever-increasing requirements of libraries. Pre, kindergarten and primary schools are loyal customers. In addition, schools, universities, research institutions, and government agencies always come to us to fill their particular and select needs for technical, medical books and other special subject titles.

Special Arrangement Sales

By special arrangement, we can service the needs of book buyers or outright cash wholesalers, hobbyists, serious bibliophiles, or institutions. Interested parties can call or Contact Us. We also carry non-bookline products, which you could also enjoy.


First Edition / Collectors’ Items
Vintage National Geographic Collection
NOTE: Interested parties can make appointments to visit our warehouse to inspect these collections.
It is a sizeable collection of almost 2,000 vintage books, dating back to the 1900’s that will appeal to the avid bibliophile - ALL AT BARGAIN PRICES!
Old issues dating back to the 1900’s in good condition await the serious NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC collector - ON SALE AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES!